Since we launched the company in July of 2010, our mission has been to bring meaningful ideas to life for clients doing good things.

Headquartered in downtown Omaha, we work with local, regional, national, and global brands in telling their stories, connecting with the digital consumer, and moving people to action. Our model is based on staying nimble. In a broad sense, it’s about keeping ahead of the curve on technology and the cultural zeitgeist and interpreting the brand story within that context. In a narrower sense, it’s about developing a clear, strategic roadmap with measurable objectives for every campaign, and then adapting and optimizing as the market responds.

Our creative approach is to cut through the noise and find the simple, concrete, credible core, the key insights to fuel the narrative. The narrative is the glue that ties all of the marketing touchpoints together and that answers “the so what and who cares?” question in a way that leaves no doubt. Because more than anything, the story has to connect with people on a genuine, emotional level. Simply put, you have to earn that. The belly laugh, the lump in the throat, the hell yeah. You earn that by staying true – to the story, the characters, the little details and the big picture, the essence of what makes the brand special.

Working with The New BLK, in the words of our clients.


The origin of this phrase goes back to analog audio devices and polygraph machines. The needle moves when whatever you’re doing is loud or impactful enough to cause a reaction. Interestingly, the phrase itself triggers its share of reactions. Forbes, for one, singled it out as one of the most annoying examples of business jargon. Can’t say we’d argue with that. And yet, we say it. And, chances are, you say it too. So, let’s say it now.

This One Goes to 11

For the first time ever, Maha Music Festival sold out of tickets in 2015. To get there, we had to increase ticket sales by more than 20% over the previous year. A great music lineup headlined by Modest Mouse and an exceptionally well-run event were certainly big factors, but we like to think our multi-tiered grassroots, experiential, social, broadcast and digital campaign had a hand in the success story as well.

Filling an Arena

Ticket sales for UNO Athletics grew by 89% in 2014/2015 over the previous academic year. Through a combination of outdoor, radio, TV, digital, experiential and in-game messaging, the 'Call Me Maverick' campaign has kicked into high gear and filled the seats at the brand new Baxter Arena.

Growing a Forest

Like watching a time lapse of a sapling growing into a mighty tree, we’ve seen average daily admissions to Fontenelle Forest skyrocket in the years we’ve worked together. From 2011 to the present, 262% is the actual increase in average daily attendance, as crazy as it looks. More than double and a half. We credit the success to consistency and discipline in our messaging, a story that resonates with the audience on a real, emotional level, and a savvy client that was willing to take some smart risks.


As an agency that builds powerful brand experiences, our work extends to a wide range of touchpoints, encompassing traditional and nontraditional, digital, and analog media. We approach each challenge from what we call “the swarm” – a full-on immersion in your brand, with a multidisciplinary team coming at it from a variety of angles. No matter what the task at hand is, we always keep an eye on the big picture, fitting the needs of the individual project into the overall context of how your brand intersects with your audience.

Our four core, overlapping service areas are:
























No matter what they’re selling, our clients stand for something bigger: bucking conventional wisdom, disrupting the status quo, and solving problems in innovative new ways to get better results. These brands challenge the public to rethink ideas and issues that affect their lives. They listen, engage, and participate in their brand conversation. They adapt, respond, and stake out bold positions that others follow. They don’t just have mission statements; they are on a mission.

Likewise, we treat brand storytelling for this kind of client as a form of cause marketing. It’s about winning over new fans, rallying the troops, and turning existing fans into superfans.



Creators, sharers, and curators of content as much as they are consumers, this is a savvy, hyperconnected group. Through our influencer outreach, we zero in on the segment within this audience that makes the most noise. These are the tastemakers and trendsetters that can make or break your brand.

While certainly not one-dimensional, there are some common threads that run throughout this group. Engaging this audience takes finesse and often poses a serious challenge to traditional marketers. The old play book just doesn’t work any more and going about it the wrong way can actually cause irreparable damage to your brand.

It’s not just about speaking the right language, although that’s part of it. You have to be so fully immersed in this world to pass as native. That’s why The New BLK gets hired by big, global brands to connect with this audience:


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